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Is Tamanaha a Hero or Just Nuts?

FOX News HQ tree set on fire, NYPD: wasn't politically motivated, or was it?

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Dec 09, 2021

Let’s start with the facts: A 50-foot fake Christmas tree was set on fire outside the headquarters of Fox News and the New York Post on Wednesday by Craig Tamanaha, a 49-year-old homeless man, who told cops; “I have been thinking about lighting the tree on fire all day long.”

While awaiting arraignment, Tamanaha told reporters that he was on drugs when he lit the tree, and he used the metal barricades as a ladder to get himself onto the tree where he then used a piece of cardboard to light the tree. In addition to the plastic Christmas tree, two nearby trees and a plastic nutcracker were damaged. No people were hurt in the fire.

FOX pegged the damages at about $500,000. Tamanaha was released without bail and charged with several offenses. Once released, Tamanaha said a bunch of crazy stuff to frothing reporters.

His parents who live in Hawaii said, “Mentally, he’s not all there.” At a press conference, the NYPD said that they did not believe that the arson was politically motivated.

Here is my personal reaction: Maybe once in awhile we need to appreciate the crazies in the world. We all know the immense damage Fox and NY Post has done to our fragile Democracy. The false narratives put out on the daily from both outlets; all things evil in our nation today are given birth from what people are watching on FOX and reading in the NY Post.

What do I mean by evil? Less we forget, the past 4 years we have seen a rise in hate crimes, the radicalization of once-normal working people, armed paramilitary groups at our state capitols, murder of peaceful protestors, misinformation on COVID-19 and the unnecessary death of over 800,000 Americans. Do we forget about the January 6th violent capital insurgency that killed multiple police officers? These events all stem from messaging spawned at FOX and the NY Post.

Yes, homeless man Craig Tamanaha is crazy, he did something dangerous and thank God no one was hurt. The cops said this act was not politically motivated. However, I bet there is a good number of people out there who were happy to see that tree on fire and frankly just wish that Craig Tamanaha wasn’t crazy. Those same people wish he had a better message after being released other than a bunch of crazy gibberish.

If Kyle Rittenhouse can murder protestors like me, and if armed Proud Boys can walk down main streets in diverse suburban neighborhoods flashing White Power signs, then crazy homeless man Craig Tamanaha can set a tree on fire at the FOX News headquarters.

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