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Today is #NewsMatters Day

#NewsMatters Day highlights the importance of quality journalism and the damage caused by cuts at newspapers

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May 06, 2016
Please join the Newspaper Guild of the Communications Workers of America on Friday, May 6th by participating in #NewsMatters Day - The NewsGuild’s national day of action supporting workers at Digital First Media newspapers.
The Guild represents 1,000 workers at 13 DFM newspapers.  Guild workers at DFM have faced devastating cuts and pay freezes for as long as 10 years.  DFM, owned by shadowy Wall Street hedge fund Alden Global Capital, has been systematically slashing staff at its newspapers - newsroom cuts of 20 percent or more were just recently announced at the Denver Post and in the San Francisco Bay Area, reducing newsrooms to just a fraction of their former size.  
Our campaign can and will make a difference. #NewsMatters Day highlights the importance of quality journalism, and the damage caused by devastating cuts at newspapers across the country.  While DFM now is a focus of the campaign, this fight is about all of us.  We’re campaigning to save quality journalism at our newspapers.
You can show your support for your brothers and sisters at DFM newspapers, and for the #NewsMatters campaign, by taking one simple step.  Sign up right now for campaign updates through this link:  It takes less than a minute, and it’s an essential step for future actions that will be part of the campaign.
News is vital to our democracy, and newspaper workers play a critical part in holding public and private institutions accountable.  The short-sighted cuts at DFM and other newspapers cause long-term harm to journalism and our newspapers.  Join us in our fight to save quality journalism. Our public campaign will call on citizens, journalists and NewsGuild workers nationwide to join an effort to prevent Alden and other Wall Street firms from undermining the crucial role that newspapers play in our democracy.  
Join us! Sign up for the #NewsMatters campaign today through the following link - - and receive updates about our work, and how you can help preserve quality journalism. - Bernie Lunzer, President

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