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UCOMM Live: Angry Umps, Trumka, and Toxic Coal Fire Pizza

Call Center Bill passes in NY, Farmworkers get union rights will Uber drivers be next?

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Jun 21, 2019

Plus George was polled, he calls in. Brooklyn's Tony Barone talks up CWA's Call Center Bill, the one in New York passed last night. Farmworkers in New York are now allowed to organize and only have to work 60 hours a week before they can get overtime. Plus Uber and Lyft drivers want the state to reclassify them so they can join a union. Did you see Manny Machado getting tossed from the game against the Rockies? The umps sure did and they aren't happy about the one-game suspension Machado got. The AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka hosts a town hall in Pittsburgh, we have audio from it and LaGrange talks about how effective these events are.

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