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Is White Collar Organizing the Future for Unions?

NPR's The Takeaway looks at a changing union movement that is becoming more educated and white collar

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Feb 01, 2018

Over the last few weeks, UCOMM has reported on an increase in organizing among newsrooms, with the LA Times, Vox and Slate all voting to join the union movement. As white collar jobs are organizing, unions traditional stronghold in manufacturing and low income positions has stagnated. According to the Atlantic, white collar organizing is actually up 4% since 2010. However union membership in low wage positions has fallen 3% in that same time.


The union staff at The Takeaway decided to take a look at why this is happening. To do this, they sat down with Ruth Milkman, a sociologist of labor and labor movements at the City University of New York, to discuss how the union movement is changing and what that might mean for the future of organized labor.

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