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by UCOMM Radio | on Nov 29, 2013


So as we prepare to being you exclusive coverage from the great American shame which is Black Friday, we will once again air for you audio from when Mark Dice screams at consumers standing in line...

by UCOMM Radio | on Nov 08, 2013

UCOMM Radio: Tales of two Martin's

Marty Cantor, the Director of Long Island Center of Socio Economic Policy calls in to talk about the ill rushed Common Core standards that are wreaking havoc on our school kids. Ryan Delgado of the...

by UCOMM Radio | on Nov 02, 2013

UCOMM Radio: Big elections in the Big Apple

This week's show flows! We get Pat Purcell from your United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1500 on the phone to talk bargaining with King Kullen and Stop-n-Shop, the fast food revolts and...

IBEW: the Power Professionals
by Buddy Thoman | on Sep 27, 2013

New IBEW: Power Professionals national commercial

Now hundreds of millions of TV viewers know as well. Coming on the heels of last year's national ad campaign, a new IBEW spot - titled "Power Professionals" - went on the air this month...

by Rollando Scott | on Sep 24, 2013

Unity Jam this Wednesday

Message from President Rolando Scott, Jr.: Come out and support the Cablevision workers in their fight for Justice on the Job.  Cablevision workers have been fighting for a contract for 19...

by Kris LaGrange | on Sep 06, 2013

UCOMM Radio: Inside Man and Barbara Buono

With Team UCOMM launching multiple websites and organizing outta town, Technical Producer Good Fight Mike will take the reins and re-organize an awesome show. We will play LaGrange's interview...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 31, 2013

CNN: Inside Man investigates challenges facing unions

Inside Man, airing on CNN focuses on the real lives of those helping tow the line for America's middle class. "Supersize Me" star Morgan Spurlock, the series host, interviewed long-time...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 31, 2013

Union Teachers under attack, again.

As parents are learning their children's state standardized test scores and school districts finalize teacher evaluations, New York State United Teachers President Richard C. Iannuzzi released...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 31, 2013

New Jersey needs a raise.

In New Jersey, the state released a statement which certified the minimum wage increase as ballot Question #2. This question will appear on the November 5, 2013 ballot and will give New Jersey voters...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 30, 2013

de Blasio in the Lead

From the New York Times: Mr. de Blasio's campaign, fueled by a relentless focus on economic disparity and a searing critique of the Bloomberg administration, has transcended the...