by Press and Media | on Jun 12, 2018

Do People Trust the Press?

A new poll suggests that a majority of people want factual coverage from the press. Find out more below from the AP.

by Brian Young | on May 07, 2018

Chicago Tribune Votes in their Union

After 171 years of operating as a non-union newspaper the Chicago Tribune’s staff finally have a recognized union in their workplace.

by Press and Media | on May 02, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Announces Closure

Cambridge Analytica, the advertising firm at the heart of the Facebook data breech, has announced that they will be closing. Find out more from CNN.

by Brian Young | on Apr 20, 2018

How to Use Hashtags

Social networks are becoming more and more important in people’s everyday lives. Sites like Facebook probably know more about your daily habits than most of your family. While UCOMM has...

by Brian Young | on Apr 10, 2018

UCOMM on The Rick Smith Show

On Friday, UCOMM’s Kris LaGrange was a guest on The Rick Smith Show. The show also featured Neal Bisno, SEIU Executive Vice President, Political Commentator and Journalist Sarah Kendzior and...

by Guest Post | on Apr 10, 2018

Zuckerberg admits Russian Meddling in 2016 Election

Even before we released the Cambridge Analytica series, that explains how data was used to manipulate the Trump vote in the 2016 Presidential election, we suggested that there be more regulation with...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 09, 2018

We Need to Change the Way We Advertise

Sometimes UCOMM gets nonsensical heat for inadvertently placing digital ads on Breitbart. This time, a troll on the internet called out unions for having a pro-union ad on that site. The ad, which is...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 04, 2018

Is Facebook Good for the World?

In our sadly unpopular Cambridge Analytica series, we mentioned in part 3 that I was personally asked to participate in a survey that simply asked is “Facebook good for the world?”...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 02, 2018

The Onion Staff Joins the Writers Guild

No, it is not an April Fools joke, the employees at the Onion are forming a union. Employees at Onion Inc, which includes The A/V Club, The Onion, and Clickhole have all decided to join the...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 26, 2018

We Need to Pay Closer Attention

We often write stories that do well. In January 2018 we wrote about Trump trying to take away federal pensions. A sad but true story that delivered over 180,000 reads. Then last week, we wrote a...