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An Ad Campaign to Destroy Unions

Boosted by Trump's support of a National Right to Work law, the Center for Union Facts is out for blood

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Jun 26, 2018

Possibly emboldened by the announcement that Trump will sign a National Right to Work law, the anti-union Center for Union Facts will be airing a commercial over the next two nights supporting the Employee Rights Act.

The commercial, which will run on CNN’s morning show and Fox News during primetime, attacks unions for making donations to groups like the League of Conservation Voters, National Council of La Raza and In These Times. It is clear by the choice in timing that they are trying to get Trump’s attention since it is well known that he watches these programs. They accuse union leaders of spending members money on “liberal” causes that the 40% of Republican members would not support. The one-minute ad urges representatives to support the Employee Rights Act to stop this from happening. As the Employee Rights Act is a bill that is meant to make it nearly impossible to run a union. Some of the things it would require include periodic union recertification elections, change the number of votes needed to constitute a majority and gives employees the ability to prevent the union from getting their contact information.

According to Politico, the ad campaign is costing the Center for Union Facts $50,000. Much of that money is coming from the secretive conservative donors that have funded the group. While the Center has refused to release a full list of donors, SourceWatch has discovered that The Bradley Foundation has provided over $2 Million to the group. The Bradley Foundation has close ties to both Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan. In Wisconsin, the foundation spent nearly $8 million to support Walker’s Right to Work crusade.

We have decided to include the ad below so you can be prepared for the lies that the anti-union Center for Union Facts will be spreading over the next two days.

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