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Another Gathering of American Fascists

Union Rallies to Combat Immigrant-bashing and Bigotry that are Taking Stage in Phoenix Tonight.

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Aug 22, 2017

On Tuesday, Trump is scheduled to visit the Arizona/Mexico border and hold a campaign rally in Phoenix.  The Mayor of the Phoenix has already said that Trump is not welcomed in his city, due to fear of stirring up more white nationalist sentiment in the city. Thousands have already signed up to join a number of counter protests in the city.

Trump is using the Arizona rally to drum up his conservative anti-immigrant supporters. Rumors have been swirling that at the rally he will announce the pardon of former Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio, was recently sentenced to 6 months in jail for failing to comply with a court order to stop illegally rounding up legal immigrants using a tax payer funded police workforce. Arpaio  lost his election as Sheriff  in 2016 when unions along with immigration activists teamed up to vote him out. With Trump coming back to Phoenix to stir up trouble once again, unions and activists are uniting to protest his visit. 

The main rally, White Supremacy Will Not Be Pardoned: Tues. August 22, is being hosted by a number of organizations that are opposed to Trump. According to the Arizona AFL-CIO, the rally is expected to be a peaceful opposition to Trump’s racist policies. So far thousands have already RSVP’d on Facebook.  You can find out more information here.

Before the big rally, two large marches will converge with the main rally at the Phoenix Convention Center. These marchers include:

  • The Jews & Allies Against Hate Rally which goes from 3:30-5PM lead by ADL Arizona & David Schapira beginning at the Arizona State Capitol 1700 W Washington St Phoenix ending at the Phoenix Convention Center 
  • The March to the Rally with Indigenous People, 5PM-6PM lead by Arizona Stands beginning at Tonatierra Community Development Institute 802 N 7th Street Phoenix, ending at the Phoenix Convention Center. Both rallies are also being supported by the Arizona AFL-CIO.

Tonight, Phoenix becomes the ground zero for Trump’s campaign of hate. Thousands of union members and activists are uniting together to stand up for American values and resist Trump.  If you are in the Phoenix area tonight, these marches and rallies are the place to be.

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