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Beto Inches Closer to Presidential Run

This week his HBO documentary premiered and the Club for Growth launches an attack video in Iowa

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Mar 13, 2019

It has been an eventful week for Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke as his HBO documentary debuted at South by Southwest and the anti-union Club for Growth launched an attack ad against Beto in Iowa.

The documentary, Running with Beto, premiered to a sold-out audience at Austin’s Paramount Theater. With many in the crowd wearing Beto shirts, the documentary provided a unique behind the scenes look into the campaign. Even with all of Beto’s live stream videos, Running with Beto provides a look at what he and his family went through over the 12 months of filming.

The movie doesn’t harp on it's subject’s policies, but they unfold as he displays his knack for retail politics. He talks to young people about gun-rights issues. He meets with African-American women and judges to talk about criminal-justice reform, and also opens up about his white privilege and the minimal consequences he faced after getting a D.W.I. as a younger man. He travels to the border town of McAllen, Texas, shortly after the White House’s zero-tolerance border policy was announced.

It also gave a glimpse into the difficulty that his family and staff went through during the campaign. The film was full of f bombs being dropped and Beto getting frustrated with his staff and the media. In a poignant moment, Amy recalls how she was pregnant with their son when O'Rourke first told her he wanted to run for Congress years ago.

"I was just crying and crying because I couldn't understand why he would almost, like, sacrifice our family to run for that level of office? Because everything I knew about life on the Hill was that was like dirty and slim," she says, before explaining she came around to the idea.”

As Beto nears his announcement about running for President, the pro-business anti-union Club for Growth has begun running a two-minute hit piece on Beto. Clearly intended for Democratic Caucus voters in Iowa, the ad seeks to divide Democratic voters by comparing O’Rourke to President Barack Obama. Alleging that O’Rourke got to where he is because of “white privilege,” the ad digs up and exposes some of the dirt that Trump is sure to use against Beto during the general election. You can watch the ad below.

Running with Beto will premier on HBO on May 28th.

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