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Mike Monahan IBEW International VP

Biden Courts the IBEW

The former Vice President talked about the dignity of work and highlighted his blue collar background

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Apr 05, 2019

Joe Biden might not be officially running for President, but he sure seemed like he was planning to jump in the race on Friday when he addressed the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) in Washington D.C.

While the mainstream media is focused on this being Biden’s first speech after accusations from a number of women that his behavior made them feel uncomfortable, that was just a small portion of the speech. Most of his address was focused on the importance of union workers, especially the highly skilled men and women who make up the IBEW.

In his 40 minute speech, Biden talked about the dignity of work and how unions built the middle class.

"All you're looking for is to be treated fairly, with respect, with some dignity. Because you matter," Biden said, adding that millionaires on Wall Street "could not function without what you do."

"We've gotten so damn elitist," Biden said, reminding some of the Trump talking points that appealed to many white, union and working-class men. "How do you think we built the great middle class? Unions!" Biden said, to huge cheers and a standing ovation from the audience. "Minimum wage, overtime pay, forty-hour week, weekends off...all those rights exist, because you -- and my family way back in the day in Scranton -- fought for those rights."

You can watch Biden’s full statement below.


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