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Joe Biden for President

Biden Creates Task Force to Promote Unions

The historic group will be led by the VP and will recommend ways to make it easier to form a union

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Apr 26, 2021

When he was running for office, President Biden promised to be the most Pro-Union President ever. In his first few months in office, he has tried to live up to that by repealing anti-union executive orders signed by Trump, announcing his support for the PRO Act, and sending a message of support to organizing Amazon workers. Now Biden has signed an Executive Order to create a White House Task Force focused on promoting labor unions.

The task force, which will be led by Vice President Kamala Harris, is being given 180 days to make recommendations on how already existing federal policies and programs can be used to help workers organize and collectively bargain in both the public and private sectors. The task force will be known as the “Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment.” They will also make recommendations on policy and regulatory changes that can be made by the President.

“The Task Force will be dedicated to mobilizing the federal government’s, programs, and practices to empower workers to organize and successfully bargain with their employers,” said a White House fact sheet outlining the executive order. “While some administrations have taken selected actions to strengthen workers’ rights, no previous administration has taken a comprehensive approach to determining how the executive branch can advance worker organizing and collective bargaining.”

According to the White House, the goals of the task force include bolstering the use of labor unions in areas with restrictive union laws like right-to-work states and empowering female workers and people of color. The task force aims to increase union membership in the country by promoting worker organizing and collective bargaining.

“I thank President Biden for creating this task force to address the urgent need of millions of American workers unable to exercise their right to join a union today because of artificial legal barriers and rampant union-busting. With today’s action, he is continuing to deliver on his campaign promise to be the most pro-union, pro-worker president ever," American Federation of Government Employees National President Everett Kelley said in a statement Monday afternoon. “Making it easier for workers to join a union will help more Americans share in the better wages, benefits, and working conditions that come with union membership – growing our economy from the bottom up and the middle out.”

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