The bitter taste of American hate

In a sad display of foreshadowing with months to go until the Presidential election, we are witnessing the ugliest side of our society and we’re all to blame.

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Feb 29, 2016

We here at UCOMM do our very best to bring you what we think is the most productive or alarming story happening in our country with issues pertaining to working people and the organizations that represent them. We track the news coming out of unions, progressive organizations and the maintstram press and media.  We’re not perfect at this, but the feedback that we receive from our readers reinforces our mission that the 5 pm daily workweek text are stories that our base likes to read, wheterh they are on a train, on their way home or finishing up the family meal.

Frankly we are sick and tired of talking about orange-faced billionaire Donald Trump and we, like most of you, were really hoping to see him go away.  But his hateful speech and intolerance to minorities is forcing the media to show us, and the rest of the world, the ugly nature of American society.

Within a 48 hour timespan, videos of Ku Klux Klan rallies in Anaheim have infested our internet. David Duke, a known white supremacist, has thrown his endorsement for Trump as has the very controversial, teacher hating NJ governor Chris Christie.  Try explaining this Daily News cover story to your kids and just today, Secret Service agents - who our FICA dollars pay for, committed violence against those who were rallying against hate. Journalists who were trying to cover it were choked and thrown to the ground.  

UCOMM works with many unions in almost every industry. We hear from the rank and file and even some leaders that they like Trump’s message. But is this the America we are looking for?  Are these the headlines and new reports we want the world to see? Even today in today’s Long Island Newsday, a political science professor has software confirming that the KKK’s Trump was going to win.

We are hoping to not have to write about this asshole for the rest of the week, and frankly Trump has already taken up too much space on our server. The stories you read here, in mainstream print and on Yahoo!, FOX and CNN are meant to persuade, move and inform. What you won’t read about or watch are stories of school-aged brownish-skinned children who go to school and get mocked and made fun-of – because their bigot dad said I am voting for Trump because all Muslims and Mexicans must go. Those tears won’t make headlines because they will never be reported.

This is really a sad day in America and I hope that our unions are communicating the American value set to the rank and file. UCOMM encourages their message is simple; that this man is not only a danger to our country and our labor movement, but to the entire world. 

This man cannot be President.

Kids at an Andrean High School basketball game appear to be taunting their rivals Bishop Noll, a predominantly Latino school with a Donald Trump sign and an ESPN Deportes sign in Indiana on Saturday.


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