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Chinese steel and childish behavior

While the Steelworkers attack Trump for buying foreign steel, the teachers see increased bullying thanks to Trump’s hate speech

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Oct 04, 2016

During this election, Donald Trump has pushed a narrative that he is only person who can make America great again.  He talks about how he will take on China and he and his campaign staff have bullied their way through the Republican primary.  While some have bought into it, two major unions are trying to bust the misconception that a Trump Presidency will be good for our economy and for our children.

Trump has spent much of the time on the campaign trail talking about how we need to bring business and manufacturing back to the United States.  He has often claimed that he is the only person who can bring back the manufacturing jobs that were lost over the past 30+ years.  As a billionaire developer, Trump has a unique ability to help some struggling industries, like the steel industry, which employs thousands in many Midwest swing states.  However, a recent Newsweek article found that when given the choice, Trump decided to buy cheaper Chinese steel or not build with steel at all and instead used concrete bought from contractors with deep ties to the mafia.  The story goes on to say that he not only bought from Chinese companies, but they were companies that used predatory practices to keep the price of steel low. Just like when Trump only built union when he was forced to, Trump will always screw over the work force to make an extra cheap buck.

“The USW, though not surprised by Trump’s actions, is furious over his efforts to undercut key American manufacturing jobs in the construction of his buildings he so often brags about,” said United Steelworker (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard.  “The investigation from Newsweek released Monday is a shocking expose on Trump’s plan to not only buy his steel and aluminum from the Chinese, but to use shell companies and corporate black holes to try and hide his greed even as he was planning to run for President.” 

The USW, which has endorsed Clinton, said in a conference call put on by the campaign that they will be looking into filing a trade case against Trump. A trade case is a complaint brought before the US International Trade Court when there is a complaint that a company is using tactics that are designed to bankrupt a US industry.  This comes as the USW is working hard to turnout their tens of thousands of members in swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio to vote for Clinton. In a recent Huffpost article, Gerard called out Trump for supporting foreign business instead of American business with stories from his members about the effects outsourcing has had on their work and communities.  USW members have also been knocking on doors in swing states bringing this message to the voters.

USW isn’t the only union that is firing a shot at Trump’s hypocrisy.  The National Education Association (NEA), the country’s largest union, announced that they will be campaigning and running ads in a number of swing states talking about the “Trump effect.”  The NEA said in a press release that the Trump effect, which is bullying by students against groups that Trump has attacked like immigrants, women and Muslims, has led to a steady rise in bullying and harassing behavior that mirrors the words and actions Trump uses on the campaign trail.

At a campaign rally on Tuesday, Clinton was faced with the effects of the Trump Effect when a 15 year old girl stood up to tell her about increasing body shaming at her high school due to the language that Trump has been using on the campaign trail. The NEA’s campaign also coincides with Bully Prevention Month.  The NEA will use targeted digital ads, direct mail, canvassers and phone bankers to get the message out to voters in swing states that it is not okay to bully yourself into the Presidency.

Both of these unions are highlighting the importance of this election for the future of our country.  The USW campaign is letting swing state voters know that just because Trump says it on TV doesn’t make it true or right.  He has a record and it’s a bad one when it comes to standing up for American workers and stateside businesses.  The NEA campaign asks voters; do they really want their kids growing up in a world where it is okay to bully a classmate because they are different. By putting Trump’s bravado in real terms both campaigns will target swing voters’ pocketbooks and their easily manipulated hearts.  With only a month to go before the election, this may be the last chance to stop America from hating again.  God bless us all.

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