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Could this happen?

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Jul 27, 2015

With a July 31st deadline for infrastructure spending to expire, the Laborers International Union of North America is urging Congress to pass a long term extension for the funding.  Laborers General President Terry O'Sullivan: "It is encouraging that some senators are stepping forward to find a solution that will provide long-term sustainable investment. Too many lives are at stake, too many jobs are at risk and our nation’s place in the world is threatened without it." Since 2005, Congress has passed 30 short term extensions for infrastructure funding, leading to a $16 billion a year deficit in the fund.  This deficit has caused delays on many important projects.  Without an extended funding plan, the end of July will also result in the infrastructure fund dipping below the mandatory critical level of $4billion.  This could mean that the Federal government will not be able to make all their payments to states for outstanding projects. 

Watch this amazing video produced by the Laborers Union about this very serious issue.

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