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Desperate Move by a Desperate Candidate

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Sep 14, 2015

Falling deep into the abyss of Republican presidential primary polls, Gov. Scott Walker has announced his plan to destroy public-sector unions and gut the 80-year-old National Labor Relations Act.

Speaking in Las Vegas — a city whose workforce is one of the most widely organized in the nation — the infamously anti-union governor promised to follow in Reagan's footsteps, busting federal unions, enacting right-to-work laws unless states opt out, and abolishing the National Labor Relations Board. This would eliminate federal labor standards that have been on the books ever since the New Deal, laws cherished by organized labor and repeatedly upheld by courts.

Walker should work on getting elected first, seeing as how he's polling at 2 percent nationally and 3 percent in Iowa. He topped a July 1st Quinnipiac poll among Republican Iowans; he's now 10th in the same poll.

In the event he somehow ekes out a win (knock on wood), Walker could achieve some of his goals with executive orders. For others, he'd have to rely on Congressional action. 

Though it's still very early in the 2016 primaries, Walker's announcement amounts to a do-or-die challenge to the American labor movement.

J. David Cox, president of the 750,000-members strong American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), called Walker's plan a "desperate action on the part of a very desperate candidate."

Ironically, Walker is calling it his "Power to the People" proposal. Now that's some impressive double-speak!

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