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Don't Debate Trump

The Dem nominee can make Trump moot by boycotting all future debates

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Jun 26, 2019

Honor is something that does not exist in the Oval Office anymore. His base may disagree and maybe they’re just hopeful optimists. Anyone who has met Trump, his staff or the misguided rally mobs who voted for him, walk away shaking their heads. I myself wonder why we regressed so quickly. Are we as a general populace really this stupid? All of Europe, Russia, and China think so. His “Presidency” has been a nightmare and if Beto, Bernie, Biden, Harris or Warren don’t get their act together, our country runs the risk of 4 more years of hate and division and rollbacks on all the workplace advancements we have made.

The economy is going to take a nosedive soon and if it doesn’t before the November 2020 Presidential election, experts are claiming that it will sometime after. By then, it will be too late. Recessions, even Depressions, don’t hurt the Millionaire class, they directly and immediately hurt the rest of us. Trump’s second lame-duck term will be one of even more golf, tweets designed to distract and whatever childish antics occupy the mind of a patient with dementia. He’s unpredictable, as is our federal government now.

As the Democratic hopefuls for President make their rounds and do their best to convince voters that they have what it takes to beat Trump in 2020, these candidates are taking ill advice from a wide array of operatives who may be filling your favorite candidate with bad advice. We are just starting to get to know most of them and to beat Trump, leaders in the labor community are starving for a candidate that can relate to all demographics using kitchen table economic topics. Gay rights and climate are all progressive issues, but the union base needs to be courted big time if the Dems are to win the White House.

A unique strategy that would take camera’s away from Trump on a national stage would be to simply not debate him. That’s right, don’t show, don’t do it. Trump will sound stupid like he did against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential debates, but his base did not care. In fact, it made them love him even more. Trump will name call, throw insults, lie then lie even more, and all this coverage will be forced on the American populace. Then, the coverage will be recycled, edited, re-aired and used to energize his tiny middle American base. Imagine if the Dem candidate didn’t show, then suddenly, there is no footage to propagate.

Instead of spending time, energy and money prepping to debate someone who has been clinically labeled mentally ill, the Dem candidate can use that missed opportunity to create a more productive platform that shows the American people why they are the better choice for President. What do I suggest? Well, a campaign rally held simultaneously outside the debate location where the candidate outlines their plans and policies. Or a social media, radio, digital and television ad blitz surrounding the debate with messaging that explains why the debate has been boycotted.

This move would be unprecedented and most true journalist would eat it up and praise its symbolism. Career political insiders (many who work for the Dem candidates now) would be flabbergasted. Remember, we are at this point in our nation’s history because of these operatives being so out-of-touch with the union-voting base. Conservative media like FOX and Breitbart would go on the attack but its effect will be less poignant since they will have no additional “debate material” to run with to further poison their customers.

This “no debate” approach is not going to guarantee a Democratic victory, but in this day where the political game has changed, the Democratic boycott of all presidential debates shows voters that the Democrats are willing to change tact at a time when our country is in desperate need of real change.

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