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Erikson: "We are In Trouble"

Would you trade a good union job for a wall and Right to Work?

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Nov 12, 2021
When our members are more concerned about the fact that Trump lost the 2020 election than doing what is necessary to protect the benefits they have as members of Local 3, we are in trouble. National “Right to work” was on the top of Trump’s to-do list. There were over 81 million Americans who voted for President Biden for a lot of other reasons that were important to them, but if you are a union member, especially a member of the IBEW, fact-check how much he has done for you, including the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
Here’s a naysayer from the “Voice of the People” in the Daily News: “I feel cheated. I paid taxes for 50 years” — we all do. “I have large medical bills not covered by insurance” — Obamacare could have made a difference or, even better, a union contract. So he says he has to take his money out of his 401k’s and pay a penalty for early withdrawal, and he blames Biden for that. He’s 70, so sorry buddy, no early withdrawal penalty after 59 1/2. He’s pissed and traumatized that he has to use his money to pay his medical bills and can’t understand why the government could give money to immigrants traumatized when their children were taken from them at the border during the Trump administration — we are all human beings. He goes on stating he’s 70 and has to keep working to pay taxes to provide benefits to illegal immigrants.
That’s nuts. Nobody works just to pay taxes. He probably had a crappy non-union job and doesn’t have a pot to piss in. How about helping those less fortunate? Hey Trumpsters, why would you trade the security of a Local 3 lifetime of good wages and benefits for Walmart wages in a “right to work” country, no medical, and no pension? Oh yeah, because of “the wall” and “the white supremacists making America great again.”

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