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Federal Unions Endorse Biden Big Time

After years of losses, AFGE and NTEU bet on Biden for their survival

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Jul 22, 2020

The two largest federal unions have announced their endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden for President. The endorsement was not a shock since Trump has been at war with the unions since he took over in 2017. Just some of the fights they have had include kicking union officials out of their offices, eliminating union time, making it more difficult for the unions to collect dues, and calling workers at the VA sadistic thieves.

According to the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), which represents over 700,000 federal employees, the union polled their members asking them whether the union should support Trump or Biden. The poll showed that 58% of their members supported Biden, while 28% supported Trump. When the poll was weighted to better reflect the demographics of the union that number went up to 62% supporting Biden.

“Over the course of his campaign, Vice President Biden’s team has proactively reached out to AFGE to solicit policy proposals, and they have incorporated a number of AFGE priorities into the Vice President’s various policy plans. President Trump declined to respond to AFGE members’ questions through our presidential questionnaire, continuing his total disrespect for federal and D.C. government workers. His record speaks for itself. He issued three executive orders aimed at taking away federal workers’ rights to fair treatment and a voice in the workplace, diminishing the important work our members do for Americans. His administration has torn up negotiated union contracts and replaced them with management edicts. He has proposed pay freezes and benefit cuts for federal employees – proposals overridden with bipartisan Congressional support. He has attacked the integrity of career civil servants by repudiating standards of truth and science that are instrumental in protecting the health and safety of the American people. President Trump has corrupted the merit systems principles that underlie our apolitical civil service. And he was the architect of the longest government shutdown in history that sent hundreds of thousands of federal workers across the United States to food banks to feed their families while cavalierly denying vital services to Americans.”

The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) also announced their endorsement for Vice President Biden as well. The union, which represents 150,000 frontline employees, said Biden’s record as a public servant demonstrates a deep understanding of the civil service and a strong commitment to supporting and respecting federal employees.

“Joe Biden is exactly who federal employees need in the White House,” said NTEU National President Tony Reardon. “Throughout his career, Joe Biden has been an advocate of fair pay and benefits and giving frontline employees a meaningful voice in the federal workplace. As President, he would be a powerful advocate for providing federal agencies and employees with the resources they need to carry out their missions, including national security, public health, environmental protection, economic growth, and consumer safety.”

AFGE and NTEU join 29 other unions, including the AFL-CIO, in endorsing Biden. Just in the last few week’s he, has also picked up the endorsements of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the United Farmworkers. Unions are expected to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in 2020 to not only defeat Trump but to also elect pro-union officials to the Senate, Congress, and statehouses.

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