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Feed Fam or go to Dr?

Oct 07, 2015

A new federal tax law that will be implemented in 2018. It will place a 40% tax on insurance plans exceeding $10,200 for individual plans and $27,500 for families. With health insurance prices rising this year at 4%, many insurance plans will go over the limit increasing the cost of insurance significantly. The average family plan rose to over $17,000 this year, with employers paying only $5000 towards their premiums. Employers have been able to offset the cost of these plans by increasing the deductible of the employee. Forty percent of people with private health insurance whose deductible equaled 5 percent or more of their income said they had decided not to go to the doctor when they were sick or had chosen not to get a test or go to a specialist. The American worker should not have choose between feeding their family or going to the doctor. 

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