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How Trump is Trying to Kill Union Organizing Drives

Trump repeals the Persuader Rule and will be rolling back child labor laws just weeks after handing us Janus v. AFSCME.

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Jul 17, 2018
Union busters and Union Avoidance law firms are rejoicing this summer in their constant quest to make the rich richer and keep exploited workers silent on the job. After being handed a huge victory by the Supreme Court in the Janus v. AFSCME decision which now makes Right-to-Work the law of the land for all public employees, Trump has now ordered the battered and disheveled U.S. Labor Department to make it easier to hide the source of who is funding union busting campaigns.
President Obama passed the Persuader Rule which required employers to disclose any outside consultants that they use to counter a worker's organizing campaign. This was rule was enacted for a few reasons, but one main reason is that if a union must disclose how they get their money, i.e. members union dues, as well as how they spend the dues money – then employers should have to play by similar rules. 
When Obama instituted this new requirement, business groups like the National Federation of Independent Business challenged the rule alleging that it violated attorney-client privilege. A Judge put a hold on the rule and last year, Trump began indicating that they would fully repeal it. Of course, he would. 
Obama put the Persuader rule into effect to try and curb and restrict employer’s illegal threats, bribes and the violent actions of hired company goons during union organizing drives. Many organizing drives fail because Federal labor laws are broken by employers who initiative fear tactics on their workforce and because the staff of the NLRB is always understaffed. Many of these threats go unreported or unrecognized. Employers hire morally shallow law firms like Jackson Lewis, Ogletree and Littler Mendelson to train managers on how to “legally” threaten their employees if they start talking union. 
Trump himself has had much experience thwarting union organizing drives is his many failed businesses. Eliminating the Persuader Rule opens the door to companies feeling free to spend millions on replacement workers during a strike (scabs), strikebreakers (armed security guards, off-duty cops, and goons) and overpriced lawyers - to break an organizing drive with threats and bribes and good old-fashioned violence. 
Trump’s now-useless Labor Department is also furthering their plan to roll back child safety laws. This rollback would allow 16 and 17-year old’s to work in jobs that are classified as Hazardous Occupations. These dangerous jobs include roofing, working with chainsaws, meat slicers, and other power-driven machines. The rule is now just one procedural hurdle from being enacted.
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