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How We Can Defeat Kavanaugh and Trump’s National Right to Work Law

Trump gave us Gorsuch, Janus and now Kavanaugh will gives us Right to Work in the private sector and the building trades

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Oct 10, 2018

Most of the media centered around Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh has been concentrated on sexual assault allegations, alcoholism and being unfit to serve as a justice on the highest court in the land. We here at UCOMM have been constantly exposing what is most important, his decisions that have hurt organized labor. These include finding in favor of Trump Plaza against their union in Atlantic City, ruling against a SeaWorld employee who was killed on the job, and ruled that the Defense Department had the right to curtail or curb their employee's collective bargaining rights. What most of the mainstream media has failed to focus on is that Brett Kavanaugh will be the deciding vote on making Right to Work a national law. Currently, because of Trump, the Mark Janus v AFSCME decision made Right to Work the law for all public employees. Many public sector unions in this country have worked for months to prevent a mass exodus from their ranks. These unions learned from what happened to the teacher’s unions in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, union leaders were asleep at the wheel. When Scott Walker became Governor, Right to Work became law and they immediately lost 30% of their membership. We are being told by trusted sources that following Janus, losses have been minimal, but only time will tell the exact negative consequences for public sector unions across the country.

This same surprise that public sector unions experienced in Wisconsin will be felt by all unions in America unless they start to diversify their communications to their members. They need to be talking to their members about the importance of paying dues, what they pay dues for, and escalate their methods of communications. Although the docket is closed for 2018-19, within the next year the United States Supreme Court will hear cases challenging exclusive bargaining rights, a case demanding that local unions pay back agency fees that were collected before Janus, and even a private sector Right to Work law. All of these cases are making their way through the courts and are being decided by the crappy federal judges that Trump and McConnell have put in. Right now, 27 states in the union are Right to Work states. These states all have something in common. They all have low wages, low benefits and high worker mortality rates. There are two ways that we can combat this and it must happen in two phases.

Phase One; we must Back the Blue wave in order for us to bring any real change to this broken government of ours. Over the last two years, this government has shown that they will do anything to support corporate interests and the business elite. We need to turn the House from Red to Blue. According to Scott Dworkin, a senior adviser to the Democratic Coalition, the two states in the union that will change the House from red to blue will be New York and California. Luckily for our nation, the strongest unions in the country are located in the Empire State and the Golden State. The following are campaigns that organized labor is getting behind to turn the House blue. Some are DCCC “Red to Blue” candidates while others come from groups like the People’s House Project and the AFL-CIO.

New York:

1st District: Perry Gershon
2nd District: Liuba Grechen Shirley
11th District: Max Rose
19th District: Antonio Delgado
22nd District: Anthony Brindisi
24th District: Dana Balter

4th District: Jessica Morse
10th District: Josh Harder
21st District: TJ Cox
25th District: Katie Hill
39th District: Gil Cisneros
45th District: Katie Porter
48th District: Harley Rouda
49th District: Mike Levin

5th District: Jahna Hayes 2016 National Teacher of the Year and AFT member

2nd District: Jared Golden

North Carolina:
5th District: DD Adams who is running against anti-union Republican Virginia Foxx. Adams is a former Teamster.

1st District: Randy “Ironstache” Bryce a union ironworker with Ironworkers Local 8.

West Virginia:
3rd District: Richard Ojeda

Phase 2; Once the House is turned Blue, we can move on to the second phase which is repealing Section 14-B of the National Labor Relations Act. Doing this would make Right to Work illegal. This is common to everyone reading this blog and to many in the labor movement, because you understand that offering services and not getting paid just doesn’t make sense. In fact, taking away a union’s right to collect dues is really doing away with collective bargaining altogether. The Democratic Caucus with the help of the AFL-CIO and media organizations like ours, will do everything in our power to make Right to Work illegal.

If that doesn’t work, we must move on to phase three. The third phase would be to impeach Kavanaugh. There has been recent talk that is a doable plan and I think phase two and three can happen at the same time. The union community must understand that we can’t stop there. If we can impeach Kavanaugh, shouldn’t we impeach Gorsuch? Impeaching Trump at this point might be dangerous as would taking out an unstable third world dictator in the Middle East. Trump right now controls the crazies. Although his numbers have dwindled, even in the union ranks, his supporters are nuts. If we impeach Trump who knows what they will do next. To put our nation back on the road to normalcy, we need to do it peacefully and within the rules of our democracy.

Join the Blue Wave and turn the House, Repeal Section 14-B of the National Labor Relations Act and impeach Brett Kavanaugh. If we do this, then we won’t be so far from restoring the balance of power that made this nation great. You know what to do UCOMM nation so go out and do it.

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