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Howard Stern: Run a Union Leader for President

Trump's Janus, the AFL-CIO Survey and Howard's statement; it's time to bring back UCOMM Radio

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Jan 12, 2018
With only a few more days left on our Kickstarter campaign to raise money to build a state of the art audio and visual recording studio for UCOMM's much anticipated podcast, we have gone outside our comfort level and asked friends and colleagues for money. Our fundraising is doing well, with monies coming in on Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Patreon, as well as larger donations from forward thinking labor unions who see the value of amplifying our voice beyond Facebook, Twitter and blog posts, but we still need your help. Construction is going to begin this Saturday and we are all sick of asking for money, so donate today.
This week the AFL-CIO sent out a survey asking for individual input on what direction they should be going in for 2018.  We criticized this patronizing outreach because they haven't learned and changed their approach since losing the Presidential in 2016. Instead of spending money to placate politicians who don't fight for us, we need to spend more money on messaging and communications. Why? Well with Trump's Janus on the verge of greatly taking away political and lobbying power from the good folks of organized labor, convincing 30% of union ranks to leave their union, it is going to take more than just an occasional jobsite visit to let the members know the benefits of working union. The money unions plan on spending on electing wishy-washy Democrats could also be spent on developing an activist communications platform that mobilize members when need be.  The fight for your right to bargain collectively is a conversation that should be happening now, not in 2 months when the Supreme Court takes away labor's right to collect its dues.
Oprah also made news this week by announcing she is thinking about running for President. While she is great, this isn't best for working people. The great Howard Stern said on his January 9th show that "in order to run for President you should serve at least as a senator or congressman or governor or run a union." Howard Stern, the King of All Media said that a union leader should be the next President! We're unsure if Howard is a fan of UCOMM, or if he is even aware of our efforts to go back into broadcasting, but we do know that there is no better time for all of this. Exposing Trump's Janus for what it really is, promoting the good work of organized labor and firing the shots first. That's what we do on UCOMM Blog and what we plan on doing in our podcast and your tiny little donation is going to help us do just that.

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