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IBEW 1049 Launches Voter Registration Campaign

The IBEW is asking all of its members to register and vote for pro-union candidates in the 2018 midterm elections

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by Ron Bauer on
Jun 13, 2018

The IBEW is launching a nationwide campaign to register our members to vote so we can vote in this year's primaries and the general election. Even within my union, Local 1049, we have a number of members who are not registered to vote. If you had been registered previously, it is possible you're now listed as unregistered because you've moved, changed your name, or haven't voted in the last few elections. Our Local is actively ramping up our political mobilization efforts this year, and you play a critical role. Politicians already know that we vote - in much larger numbers than the general population - but member participation this year is more important than ever. The IBEW International Office has strongly requested that we ensure our members are registered to vote.

No matter your party, or the candidates you choose to support, please make sure that you and your family members are registered to vote. Educated IBEW members - and our families - who are registered to vote and armed with the facts necessary to vote for candidates who support our jobs, the right to organize and collective bargaining, are the most important piece of our 2018 mobilization plan.  
Why is it so important to register to vote? Because you cannot exercise your civic rights, or even sign a simple petition, if you aren't a registered voter. The stakes are high in 2018. Your sisters, brothers and community need you to make sure you are registered to vote. We need representatives in government who support our Local and protects our jobs while ensuring safety for all workers. When we don't vote, we give our voice up to those that want to enact laws to take away our union rights.
Who wins this year matters. Over the coming months my Staff and I along with the Officers and Executive Board will be communicating with you again, arming you with the facts to make decisions about candidates and issues on the ballot this year. But first, you have to make sure you and your family members are registered to vote. Please click on the link below to access a voter registration form so you can register online. Also for your convenience, we will be contacting you at home and at work with paper forms that can be filled out and mailed.
Your future will be decided by those who vote.....
In New York the deadline for the state primary in September is coming up quickly and the final deadline to vote in November is in early October. Please also remember that if you have moved or changed your name you need to re-register. You can click here to find out if you are registered. If you need to register, you can do it online by clicking here.

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