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ICE Union: Reaping What they Sowed

It's difficult to feel bad for the man who actively worked hard to bring us the worst 'President" in history

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Jul 10, 2017

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Union President Chris Crane is in the news once again, this time complaining about Acting ICE director Thomas Homan. Crane is complaining that Homan is too soft on immigrants and that he needs to be removed.

Crane and his union were one of the only unions to support Trump during the 2016 election, but they are now unhappy that their boss, Homan, is not deporting enough people.  Crane accused Homan, who has run ICE’s Enforcement and Removal operation in 2013, of overseeing “Obama's effort to release criminal illegal aliens into our country.” He then accused Trump of giving someone to much power by allowing them to put Homan in charge of the immigration agency. Under Homan, deportations decreased every year, except in 2016 when there was a slight uptick.  This came after 4 years of historic deportation numbers under President Obama, including a record 409,000 in 2012.

Crane is upset because Trump made big promises that he couldn’t keep too get the ICE unions endorsement. Crane believed him when Trump bragged that he would deport over 500,000 people a year. Hoping to increase his membership with promised new hires, Crane fell into the same trap that the Con Artist-in-Chief got many others to fall into.  Instead deportations are down, while raids on school children and deportations of non-violent, law abiding immigrants are up. Trump is also backing off of his proposal to hire 10,000 new ICE Agents, who would become Crane’s members.  Earlier in the year, he proposed a 2017 budget that would have hired 10,000 new agents, but was unable to get that passed because Trump can’t really do anything right..  When he recently submitted his 2018 budget the funding was cut to only fund 8,000 positions. By the time the budget is actually done, that number may be cut even more. 

White House officials responded to Crane’s attacks they only way they know how, by stabbing him in the back.  They released a statement saying that Crane is undermining ICE’s efforts to keep the country safe with false personal attacks and called him strikingly out of touch.  After Crane sold his soul to Trump during the election, this is the thanks he gets, being mocked by the administration that he helped put in to office.

You deserve it all Chris Crane.

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