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It's Time to Fire Nancy Pelosi

If Democrats want to win in 2020 they need to get rid of Nancy Pelosi in 2019

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Nov 12, 2018

In January a new Congress will be seated, a new party will be in power and hopefully a new leader will be presiding over it. What the Democrats need is fresh, new leadership that better represents the future of the party, not the past.

For 16 years, Nancy Pelosi has led Congressional Democrats through some rough times and some good. She led the resistance to George W. Bush and Donald Trump and in doing so became the first female speaker. However, she was only able to hold onto that power for four years, eventually leading Democrats to a historic defeat in 2010. Her tenure has been marred by upside down approval ratings and a lack of charisma has hurt her ability to advocate for her members in a way that other Speakers like Paul Ryan have been able to.

Just like our call for Richard Trumka to be replaced, it is time for Pelosi to step down. She has effectively held her caucus together, preventing Trump from getting anything passed with Democratic support, but we need more than that. On Election Day, voters showed loud and clear that they were tired of the old way of doing things. The Blue Wave washed away dozens of long-time incumbents and even forced Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to retire. Voters made it clear that they wanted a change from the failed Trump, McConnell, Pelosi led government. We need a true leader who can be the face of the Democratic Party and lead. We also need someone who will put the issues that working people, not the Democratic elites, care about. Issues like repealing 14(b), strengthening unions, raising the federal minimum wage, and shoring up Obamacare all should be the main focus of the new Speaker, even if these votes are purely symbolic. It is not enough to just oppose Trump, Congressional Democrats need to show voters their vision for the future.

Even if Pelosi gets re-elected in January as Speaker, she needs to be a transitional leader. As the Democratic voter gets younger and younger, so to must the leadership. It is expected that all three of the House leaders will be over 70. Yet the 116th Congress will be 10 years younger than the 115th Congress, including two members under the age of 30 and 25 members who are 40 years old or younger. The leadership of the House should reflect this younger trend. Pelosi, along with her leadership team of Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn, needs to begin training the next generation of leaders and get them in place before the 2020 election.

If Pelosi refuses to make a concrete plan for the future of leadership, she could face an insurrection from her members. In 2016, 63 Democratic members voted against her for minority leader, the most in the 7 elections she had previously faced. This year, even more candidates, especially those running in districts that supported Trump, said that they would vote against her. Voters in about 20 districts, including many of the ones that flipped and gave Democrats control, chose Democrats who specifically ran on removing Pelosi from power so that 63 number is expected to grow.

The choice for Democratic leaders is simple. If they re-elect Pelosi without a plan to bring in new leadership and get her out of the position in a few months, Trump will get re-elected. We need a fresh new face that represents the working man and woman, not the Wall St. corporate elite.

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