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Jay Inslee Talks Card Check

Washington's Jay Inslee, Prez candidate, is the first to talk about the card check recognition process

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May 17, 2019

Jay Inslee may not be one of the front runners for President, heck, you might not even know who he is, but the Governor of Washington is making waves with his plan to save the planet and unions.

In an interview that Inslee did with the Washington Post, he laid out his Evergreen Economy Plan. This plan is a blueprint for a significant investment in infrastructure, clean technology, and green jobs. As part of this plan, Inslee wants to see the new green jobs help revive labor unions.  In the interview, Inslee said that he is the “first candidate running for President in 2020 who has put a major emphasis on collective bargaining rights.” He went on to argue that labor issues and climate issues are intertwined and are the two biggest threats to the health of our society. “One is the climate crisis and the other is massive income inequality and the fact that half the people in the country haven’t had a raise for about twenty years.”

So what is Inslee planning on doing to combat the decline of unions? The Governor has five points that he wants to focus on:

  • Allow Card Check, which allows a union to gain representation of a workplace simply by having employees sign a union card, basically eliminating the need for a union election and speeding up the organizing process. It also helps to prevent employees from being pressured by management to not support a union.
  • Streamline the National Labor Relations Board (NLB) process for handling charges of labor violations
  • Promote labor partnerships with local governments
  • Outlaw forced arbitration
  • Perhaps the most important point is passing a federal law to ban Right to Work laws at the state level

While quite a few candidates have said that they would ban Right to Work, including Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, Inslee is the first one who is making Card Check a main part of his campaign.

Watch a video outlining his plan below:


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