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Glam up the Midterms

Late Night Hosts want to Glam Up the Midterms

In an effort to increase young people voting, Billy Eichner and friends are trying to make it cool to vote

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Apr 16, 2018

After the failure of the Democratic Party in 2016, different groups have begun to spring up to focus on electing new candidates in important districts. UCOMM previously reported about the work that The People’s House Project is doing to elect blue collar candidates in red districts. Now Hollywood is getting involved by working to “Glam up the Midterms.”

The campaign is being led by a number of late night tv hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers, John Oliver, Conan O'Brien, James Corden, Chelsea Handler, Andy Cohen, Robin Thede, as well as comedians Sarah Silverman and Billy Eichner. Working with Funny or Die, they have come up with a plan to make voting more fun and glamorous for young people by creating viral videos and making voting feel more like the recent pop-culture fads, like the solar eclipse.

The campaign is more of a non-partisan campaign to increase the vote of people under 40 in the midterm elections. In the 2016 election, voters between the ages of 18-44 made up about 34% of the electorate. They also overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton by a 10-point margin. This means that even if the campaign is non-partisan, increasing the number of young people that vote by just a few points will likely lead to an increase in Democratic votes. Recent exit polling has shown that just 12% of young people vote in midterm elections.

Over the next few months, Glam up the Midterms will be visiting three districts, the Texas 23rd, Pennsylvania 7th and the Virginia 10th to register new voters and then contact and push young voters to get out to the polls on Election Day. The three districts they have chosen are all extremely important for control of the House of Representatives. Political forecaster Larry Sabato recently rated all three districts as toss-ups. All three are currently held by Republicans.

In addition to these three races, Glam up the Midterms will be touring around the country informing people about their local elections and reminding them to vote. In an interview on the Today Show, Eichner said that he started this project because he was amazed at how few people across the board actually vote in the midterms and he wanted to do “something tangible beyond just angry tweets.”

You can watch their introductory video below. With many states already holding primaries, it is more important than ever to make sure you are registered to vote today. Click here to register now!

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