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Let them Vote Mitch

One man has the power to end the shutdown, but Mitch McConnell is refusing to even allow a vote in the Senate

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Jan 18, 2019

It is Day 28 of the government shutdown and another week has passed without federal workers getting paid. While 800,000 employees of the US Government continue to suffer, some are quitting their government jobs (since it’s illegal for many to hold a second job) so they can pay the rent and others being forced to go to food banks to feed their children, two people have the power to stop this shutdown, yet they are sitting on their hands and allowing these families to continue to suffer.

While the government shutdown is largely Trump’s doing, it is continuing because of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who deserves much of the blame. Since Democrats took over the Congress at the beginning of the year, McConnell has refused to even hold a vote on ending the shutdown. While Democrats in the House have passed bills that would completely fund the government, as well as bills that would temporarily re-open the government, McConnell has refused to even let the Senate vote on these bills.

McConnell doesn’t even seem willing to sit down with Speaker Pelosi to negotiate. Since all funding bills must come from the House, this puts an end to the shutdown in jeopardy. Instead, McConnell has been summoned to the White House to get his marching orders before heading to the Senate floor to attack the Speaker and Congressional Democrats.

According to Politico, Democrats in the Senate believe that they not only have enough votes to support the House’s spending bill to re-open the government but they also have more than the 67 votes it would take to override a veto by Trump.  Yet, McConnell still wants to empower Trump’s temper tantrum and support his push to build a wall of hate.

While Republicans like to remind the American people that they won the election, so Democrats must cow-tow to their party’s racist demands, the simple fact is that Democrats also won 1/3 of the government. By being in control of the House, Democrats have the sole ability to write a funding bill. Sure, the Senate can amend it, but ultimately the Senate will have to vote on a plan to re-open the government. What will it take for McConnell to allow a vote? Will it require a plane to crash because it hasn’t been inspected by the FAA, schools to run out of funding for free lunches, or SNAP benefits not being paid. These are all real dangers that McConnell is putting the American public through.

Economists are already predicting that this government shutdown could push our economy into a needless recession, but McConnell and Trump do not care. Instead, they are willing to let our economy tank, let kids go hungry, and force federal workers to become slaves for the American Government. All Mitch needs to do is let the Senate vote and we can let our 800,000 federal employees get back to work.

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