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Mayor Pete: Penalize Companies that Bust Unions

Pete Buttigieg releases his plan for strengthening unions

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Jul 26, 2019

One of the biggest surprises of the 2020 Democratic primary has been South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. As he has rocketed up in the polls, Mayor Pete has slowly been releasing his policies and this week he released his plan for strengthening unions.

In both a “white paper” and a short video, Mayor Pete put out his plan that he is calling a New Rising Tide. Of course, the plan is very similar to other Democrats running for President in that he promises a $15 Minimum wage, supporting strong unions, and creating an economy that works for working people. In his plan, Buttigieg claims that under his administration, union rates will double, he will restore rights that have been eroded over the last few decades, and will expand union rights to workers that have been previously banned from joining a union, including gig workers.

Other details of his plan include imposing strong multimillion-dollar penalties on companies that interfere with union elections. Not only does he want to hold bosses accountable, but he also wants to make sure that these penalties scale with the size of the company. Additionally, his plan would “Level the playing field in union elections by requiring ‘equal airtime on company time,’ so that workers hear from union organizers and not just employers,” and enshrine the right to multi-employer bargaining.

Some of his other promises include ending right to work, finally delivering on card-check rights, guaranteeing all workers access to paid sick leave and paid family leave, predictable scheduling hours, and creating a harassment-free work environment. In accordance with his theme that a rising tide raises all boats, Mayor Pete’s plan would create a “safe, equitable, accessible and fair workplace for women” and would institute gender pay transparency to help lower the gender pay gap.

While Mayor Pete’s plan is extremely detailed the main point is that he wants to create an economy that works for all working American’s. This is an economy where workers can organize together in strong unions and one where people don’t have to work a second or a third job just to survive. Considering that he is the Mayor of a small city, the detail and understanding of issues in this proposal is quite impressive. Let’s hope he has an opportunity to discuss it and further elaborate on it at the debate next week and in the coming months on the campaign trail.

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