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US House of Representatives

Move to Take Away 30 Day Union Elections

Trump's Republicans in D.C. spent all day yesterday trying to take out collective bargaining

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Jun 15, 2017

Since January, Trump and Republicans across the country have been working to weaken gains that unions made during the Obama Presidency.  A National Right to Work law was introduced, numerous executive orders were rolled back and now Congress is looking to make it easier to bust a union.

Yesterday, the House Education and Workforce Committee held hearings on changing federal labor law to make it easier for unions to be busted or decertified.  At the hearing, Congressmen heard testimony from Karen Cox, a piece of shit from Illinois who tried to decertify her union, only to get stopped by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Cox spent three years spreading lies and trying to undermine her co-workers and her union.  After three years the NLRB finally stopped her decertification effort finding that she didn’t follow rules that allow the union a grace period after being recognized to negotiate a contract before a decertification campaign can begin.  These “super strict” rules give the union only one year, sometimes an almost impossible feat when dealing with a hostile employer.

It wasn’t just the House that was going after unions.  In the Senate yesterday, HELP Committee chairman Lamar Alexander, took aim at union organizing.  Alexander proposed a change to the NLRB rules governing union elections.  The so called “ambush election” rule was put in place in 2015 to help speed up union elections.  It allowed for an election to take place as soon as 10 days after the employees filed for an election.  Alexander’s change would move that date to 35 days allowing the bosses more time to mount an anti-union campaign. The House has a similar bill that Cox testified about as well.

In her testimony, Cox took issue with the idea that the union was approved at her worksite via card check, a procedure that allows an employer to recognize the union if 50% +1 of the employees sign a card stating that they want to join the union.  Cox, along with the Right to Work Foundation and many Trump Republicans on the committee, want to see card check banned. Instead they believe that a union should only be allowed in after a secret ballot vote.  According to the Retail, Wholesale, Department Store Union (RWDSU), the union representing Cox’s workplace, much of what she testified to was patently false. Cox was testifying in favor of the ERA, a bill that will gut many protections that organizing workers and union workplaces have.

Lowlifes like Cox, Becky Friedrichs and Mark Janus, will not stop until they have destroyed collective bargaining.  Whether it is through Congressional testimony or through the courts they continue to try and take away a worker’s voice at work and as they continue to be used as pawns by groups funded by dark corporate interests. Yesterday just showed that these anti-union interests also have strong allies in D.C.  and sadly union members who vote Republican put them there.

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