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Mueller Report is Just the Beginning

We need to understand what "Exonerated" really means and not get frustrated that Trump is not going to jail (at least right away)

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Mar 25, 2019

Over the weekend details of the Mueller Report began to leak out to the public. If you believe Fox News and Trump, he was "Exonerated" and the whole investigation was a waste of time. However, this report is not the end, but just the beginning of trouble for Donald Trump.

Although some Democrats have spent the better part of the last two years building up expectations that Mueller was going to lead a team of FBI agents into the White House to drag Trump out in cuffs, all they really did was pigeonhole themselves. By relying on this case too much they took much of the attention off of the many successes that Mueller’s investigation accomplished. Some Democrats unwittingly turned Mueller's investigation into a zero-sum game. In many ways, they played right into Trump’s hands.

The reality is that over the course of Mueller’s investigation charges have been filed against 34 individuals and 3 separate companies. That is the most for any President since Watergate and Trump has only been squatting in the White House for two years! These charges include the indictment of Trump’s Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, his personal lawyer and henchman Michael Cohen, 12 Russian intelligence officers, 13 Russian Nationals and three Russian companies.

Mueller clearly found evidence that the Russians influenced the election in order to help elect Trump.  If this fact does not anger his "Proud to be an American" mid-Western base then what will? Mueller's investigation also found that Trump staffer Roger Stone was coordinating with Wikileaks on when to release damaging information that was stolen from Democratic campaign servers.

The reality is that even if Trump didn’t physically talk to the Russians, he definitely knew about it. I manage staff here at the UCOMM Media Group and, while I don’t have as many people working for me as Trump had on the campaign or in the White House, I know what's going on within the organization. I am often briefed about what clients are up to and I approve the program and give the go-ahead before anything gets released. Nothing moves to UCOMM clients without my approval. My experience working on campaigns, whether as the campaign manager or the director of labor and volunteer operations, is the same as the structure in any campaign. The leader knows what is going on. Ultimately whatever your staff does reflects on you, so you keep up-to-date on what is happening.

It is also important to look at what Trump is saying. On Twitter and in interviews, every third word out of his lying mouth seems to be “Exonerated.” This is a key word. Not a lot of non-lawyers know what it means. Usually, it’s what your scumbag lawyer tells you to say after the District Attorney is unable to convict you. It doesn’t mean you are innocent; it just means they didn’t have enough evidence to nail you. "Exonerated" means guilty. Again, "Exonerated" means guilty.

I have known people in the union movement caught selling building trades membership books. This is both a federal and state Department of Labor crime. When they approached me exposing this corruption they always use the same word saying, "I can’t believe you wrote that because I was “exonerated.” Only guilty people use it because it means that you are guilty but you are a sneaky bastard who somehow got away with it.

Going forward, we need to stand behind the Democrats in Congress that want all of the answers. The American people, regardless of where you lie on the political spectrum, must continue to ask and push for the full release of this report. There is no doubt in my mind that the Russians did have an impact on the recent presidential election and based on the indictments from Mueller, we know he agrees. There is also no doubt that both Google and Facebook’s lack of regulations over their ad management network allowed the Russians to put Trump in the White House. We should not get frustrated. This is just the beginning. With more investigations in places like in New York and possible Congressional hearings on the results of the Mueller Report; with more trials to finish -nmore MAGA people will go down. God willing, one could even be Trump.

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