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New Transportation Bill Discriminates Against Drivers

Ed Wytkind, president of AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Dept., denounces hair tests.

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Oct 25, 2015
Congress is at it again! After passing a highway bill in July, Congress included a change to the current law, which allows truck drivers' hair to be tested for drugs instead of their urine.
The AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department is now fighting back saying that the new regulation is untested and is discriminatory toward drivers.
"A bus driver who provides hair for a drug test could test positive for drugs she or he never actually took," Transportation Trades Department President Ed Wytkind wrote. "You see, hair absorbs substances that people come into contact with through the environment and labs performing hair tests are currently incapable of distinguishing between drugs that drivers are exposed to and those which they actually ingested." 
"Yes, you read that right," Wytkind continued. "This kind of testing, which can’t actually determine how hair was contaminated, has the ability to put the livelihoods of thousands of responsible, hardworking men and women at risk." 
The debate is heating up as Congress begins deliberations on a long-term highway bill this week.

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