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Trichter for Comptroller

NYS Comptroller Candidate: My Favorite Case is Janus

The man running to handle the Empire State's finances wants to make it easier for public employees to opt-out of their unions

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Sep 26, 2018

With an election coming up in just a few weeks, everyone from state assembly members to the Governor are running for election. In New York, getting the union vote is an important endorsement. Not only does it show that you are friendly to labor issues like raising the minimum wage or paid family leave, but it also provides lots of supporters who will volunteer on your campaign. To get these endorsements, you usually talk about the good things you will do for the union. Someone seems to have forgotten to tell Jonathan Trichter that.

Trichter is running to be the New York State Comptroller. In this position, he will oversee the enormous state pension fund as well as manage payroll for the state. Things like collecting union dues fall under his purview.  In this position, he will need to work closely with unions like the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), but a recent interview cast doubt upon his ability to work well with organized labor. In an interview with Focus on the State Capitol Trichter had the following to say about his favorite Supreme Court decision:

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