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National Border Patrol Council

Only Union to Endorse Trump Gets Screwed

National Border Patrol Council calls Trump's decision to move the National Guard to the border wasteful

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May 30, 2018

Of the last year, union members support for Trump has plummeted. While other union members got wise to his con the only union to endorse him, The National Border Patrol Council has stuck with him. However, the recent deployment of National Guardsmen to the border has the union attacking Trump.

The rift started when Trump deployed 1,600 National Guard troops to the Mexico-USA border. While this was an action the union supported, they quickly realized that the deployment was more of a headache than it’s worth. Brandon Judd, the President of the National Border Patrol Council, said that when he first heard about the deployment he was excited since previous deployments under the Obama administration had relieved the workload on his members. Although National Guard troops are restricted to observe and report, meaning that they can not carry out arrests or detentions of possible border crossers, the Obama administration allowed the Guard to do much more work then Trump is allowing.

The union says that Guard troops are stationed far from the border and many are duplicating the work that border agents are doing. Instead of taking a more active role in stopping drug smugglers the union says that Trump has sent the Guard to do busy work, like weld gates and fix roads. The deployment of these troops to the border is expected to cost $250 Million this year.

Judd, who represents 15,000 members, has been asking for more help at the border since Trump was elected. They have requested 7,000 more agents, but the training and hiring process takes months to complete and they have run into problems finding qualified individuals who want to go to the border and break up immigrant families. In response to Trump sending the Guard to the border, Judd said: “We generally support the administration, but we’re not going to be cheerleading when things are not going well.” He went on to say that the deployment has been a “colossal waste of resources.”

It seems that the National Border Patrol Council is reaping what they sowed. They wanted Trump, because of his “tough” talk on immigration, but they have now realized that he conned them into thinking he had a real plan for the border. More union members who voted for Trump are now realizing that they were just part of another Trump con.

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