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Pres. candidate O'Malley on trade

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Oct 13, 2015
We got this press release from Presidential Candidate and Former Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley who sat down with UAW Local 997 last week to discuss trade policy, how to build a stronger middle class, and to unveil a progressive trade policy that works for the American worker.  Have a look.
This afternoon, Governor O'Malley will meet with Iowa workers to discuss trade policy and how to build a strong American economy for the middle class. At the roundtable, which is being hosted by UAW Local 997, O'Malley will unveil his vision for a truly progressive trade policy that restores fairness to the American economy.
O'Malley's plan to restore fair competition to the American economy through trade policy will help meet one of his 15 Goals to Rebuild the American Dream.
O’Malley has been an outspoken opponent of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Unlike the TPP and NAFTA, O'Malley's plan would invest in American jobs not give sweetheart deals to corporate interests.
As O'Malley wrote in today's Cedar Rapids Gazette
"It’s time for America to stop stumbling backwards into bad trade deals, and instead pursue a trade policy that will benefit our economy, workers, and our planet. We must learn from the mistakes of the past and ensure they do not happen again. We must learn from the mistakes of the past and ensure they do not happen again. 


"The TPP is not, as some have called it, a 'gold standard' deal. Instead, it is a story of winners and losers. Companies that support millions of American families, like those in the manufacturing industry—where good-paying jobs are disappearing at a faster rate than during the Great Depression—will see accelerating job losses and outsourcing. If we don’t get our trade deals right, we put the livelihoods of millions of Americans in peril."


That's why O'Malley's trade policy would:

  • Reject secret trade agreements written behind closed doors
  • Prohibit currency manipulation and hold cheaters accountable
  • Prevent corporate power grabs and prioritize the public interest over corporate profits
  • Lift labor standards, not undermine them
  • Improve environmental protections
  • Protect strong financial regulation
  • Provide fair access to markets to promote economic growth
  • Protect access to affordable medicines
  • Support investment in the US economy

This is the latest in a series of ambitiousboldprogressivecomprehensive policies the Governor is championing to take on our nation's toughest challenges in a deliverable way. That's why he's earned him the reputation, "the candidate of big ideas."

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