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Puzder out, Walker in?

As the organized labor community celebrates, we must prepare for Scott Walker

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Feb 15, 2017

After months of organizing, making calls, attending hearing and holding rallies, Trump and his selection for Labor Secretary, Secretary Wife Beater Andy Puzder withdrew his nomination. Good, because we’re sick of writing about him.

The move came after a video of his ex-wife speaking on Oprah about being abused by Puzder surfaced and was passed around the Senate HELP committee.  After seeing the video, Top Republicans in the Senate informed Trump that he would need to withdraw the nomination after 4 Republicans vowed to vote against him and 8 more told leadership that they were on the fence.  A loss of 12 Republicans would have sunk his nomination. Yippie Skippie!

While this is definitely a victory for labor, the time for celebrating has already passed. Very strong rumors around Washington D.C. say that Trump is about to nominate labors worst fear; Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  We hope we are wrong, but we rarely are, so we must stay vigilant and get ready for yet another friggin fight.

Make America Great Again.

Politico put this out on the morning of February 16; Who wants to be Labor secretary? With Puzder out of the running, the question is who could get the nomination now. If you know, please tell us! The Great Mentioner is floating a few names:

Peter Kirsanow: The Cleveland attorney met with Trump in November. A Republican member of the National Labor Relations Board from 2006-2008, Kirsanow said he spoke with Trump about labor and employment policy, fueling rumors at the time that he might be offered the position.

Victoria Lipnic: Acting chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission since late January, Lipnic is another name bounced around before Puzder became the lead candidate. President Obama appointed her EEOC commissioner in 2010 and again in 2015 (her term ends in 2020).

Catherine Templeton: The South Carolina Republican met with Trump in December to discuss how she could work with the administration, although it isn't clear what they spoke about. Templeton is considering a gubernatorial bid in 2018, but in January, she postponed a formal announcement until spring. She's run two state-level departments in South Carolina: Health and Environmental Control and Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Joseph Guzman: The Michigan State University professor met with Trump in January. Co-chair of Trump's Michigan campaign, Guzman teaches in the human resources and labor department at MSU. He ran unsuccessfully for administrative vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party in 2015, according to the Detroit News.

Alexander Acosta: A Miami native and current dean of the Florida International University College of Law, Acosta was on the NLRB from 2002-2003 and was assistant attorney general for the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division from 2003-2005.

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