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Rand Paul Introduces National Right to Work Bill

Trump has promised to sign the bill if it can pass the Republican Senate and Democratic House

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Feb 20, 2019

On Valentine’s Day, Senator Rand Paul took part in his favorite pastime, introducing a National Right to Work bill. Just like last year, Paul will be the main sponsor on the bill that would make the 23 free bargaining states right to work.

The bill, which was introduced in the Senate as S.525, currently has 16 sponsors. Of those supporters all but one, Corey Gardner (R-CO), come from states that are currently Right to Work. In a press release, Paul encouraged passage of the bill to “follow the lead of Kentucky” by taking away a worker’s voice in their workplace.

As UCOMM previously reported, Trump has made it clear that should the bill come to his desk, he will sign it. Signing a National Right to Work bill would only be the latest in a long line of attacks on organized labor from Trump. Not only did he appoint the deciding vote in favor of Janus which made the entire public sector Right to Work, but he has also repealed or rolled back numerous safety standards that Obama put in to place. Trump has also been in open war with federal workers unions and is currently facing multiple lawsuits over union-busting and the failure to pay workers during the government shutdown.

In 2017, when the last Right to Work bill was proposed, the White House commented saying “The president believes in right to work. He wants to give workers and companies the flexibility to do what’s in the best interest for job creators. Obviously, the vice president has been a champion of this as well.”


It does not appear that a companion bill has been proposed in the House of Representatives yet. However, in the past term, Iowa Congressman and avowed racist Steve King has introduced it. Thankfully a bill in the House is unlikely to go anywhere due to Democrats controlling the chamber.

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