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Randi Weingarten: Acosta's Got to Go

Teacher's union President calls on Labor Secretary to resign over sex trafficking case

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Feb 25, 2019

When Trump appointed Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta many questioned the appointment due to the sweetheart deal that Acosta cut for Trump friend, billionaire and convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Last week a judge in Miami slammed Acosta for his handling of the case saying he broke the law. Now leaders of a number of unions are calling for his resignation. Below, AFT President Randi Weingarten is asking union members to take action to pressure him to resign. 

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta broke the law when he signed a secret plea agreement with a sex trafficker.

With this news out in the open, it’s clear that Acosta must resign. Not only did he go easy on a politically well-connected abuser while he was a U.S. Attorney, but Acosta didn’t notify the victims of the trafficker, which included more than 30 teenage girls. By breaking the law and hiding the plea deal from the victims, he’s shown that we cannot trust him.

Will you join me in demanding that Alex Acosta resign or be removed from the Labor Department?

We’ve seen scandal after scandal come from Trump appointees, and the turnover in his Cabinet has been astronomical. But this is a scandal that cannot go unnoticed. We have to ensure that the media and political elite feel how angry we are.

This story should shock the conscience. It’s unacceptable that Acosta could get away with this and continue to hold one of the most powerful positions in the country.

Let’s make it clear that we won’t stand for this. Please sign our petition, and let’s get him out of the Department of Labor.

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