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UCOMM- Lee Zeldin was one of the 217 to vote against raises for federal employees. Some unions like the TWU and Plumbers have endorsed his re-election

Republicans Vote to Freeze Federal Wages

While the GOP House wants to freeze wages, the Democratic Senate voted for a modest increase in 2019

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Jul 20, 2018

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted on a spending bill that would institute a wage freeze on federal civilian workers in 2019. The vote is an endorsement of Trump’s earlier proposal to freeze wages and make it easier to fire federal workers.

The vote, which was 217-199, sets up a showdown on the spending bill. Last month, the Senate appropriations committee voted to raise federal employees to pay by 1.9%. They even voted down an attempt by anti-worker Republican Senators to strip the pay increase from the spending bill. While the full Senate has not yet voted on the pay increase, it is expected to pass in the coming weeks.

While Republicans fight about a pay freeze or a small increase, Democrats have endorsed a 3% raise in 2019, but Republicans are refusing to act on it.

This bill is just another attempt by Trump and Republicans in Congress to hurt federal workers. Already this year, they have proposed eliminating the union at the IRS, Trump has violated a CBA with AFGE and kicked them out of their offices in numerous departments, and proposed taking away pensions for federal workers.

With the two chambers in disagreement, both sides will have to work out a compromise before the spending bill can be sent to Trump’s desk. However many federal workers will begin preparing for the first wage freeze since 2013.

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