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Right to Work Governor Speaking at Democratic Convention

John Kasich is rumored to be a speaker at the 2020 convention in August

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Jul 20, 2020

With the Democratic National Convention just a few weeks away, former Ohio Republican Governor and 2016 Presidential candidate John Kasich is reportedly speaking at the convention. While Kasich is a fierce critic of Trump, union members may remember him as the man who signed Right to Work into law in Ohio.

In 2011, just three months into his first term as Governor, Kasich pushed for and signed SB5 into law. The new law made Ohio a Right to Work state. It restricted collective bargaining for police, teachers, and firefighters, along with all other public employees in the state. Kasich had campaigned on making Ohio Right to Work and joined his fellow Tea Party Governors in Wisconsin and Michigan in passing Right to Work.

In the months right after Kasich betrayed workers and signed SB 5, unions in the state-organized a petition drive to repeal the law. Eight months later, voters repealed the law, and Kasich’s popularity in the state plummeted.

While Kasich joined Governor’s Scott Walker and Rick Snyder in pushing Right to Work, Kasich in recent years has changed his tune. By his second term, Kasich promised that Right to Work was not on his agenda saying multiple times on the Presidential campaign that he was no longer pushing for Right to Work.

Over the next few weeks, a full list of convention speakers will be released and along with Kasich, some union leaders are likely to be on the list. The convention will take place from August 17-20th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This means that two out of the last three Democratic conventions have been held in Right to Work states.

While Joe Biden touts his close ties to labor, moves like this are why many in the labor community don't trust Democrats. While Democrats are often fighting for union rights, it is important to also hold them accountable when they promote a Right to Work Governor or a Right to Work state.

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