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Stop Trying to Curb Dissent

These protest laws should be met with more and more protests until he is gone, even if the money runs out

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May 11, 2017

When the United Nations was formed in Lake Success, NY back in 1945, one of its missions was to address inhumane actions by governments against its people. Americans thought this new organization comprised of sovereign democratic nations would stick its nose in places like Nazi Germany. Well over the years they have served their purpose, and during the last presidential election, Trump called the UN “a club for people to have a good time.” That was a stupid thing to say, but something is happening in this country that crosses the line from stupid to dangerous; the United States is being investigated by the UN “over criminalization of peaceful protest.”

Since our countrymen made this asshole “President,” we have read, participated and watched protest after protest pop up almost everywhere.  More than 20 states have proposed bills that put limitations on demonstrations since Trump was elected. When we broke the first proposed law back on November 18 in Washington state, we were called crazy. Who’s crazy now?

On UCOMM Blog this week we recycled a story about how a frustrated local politician met with activist to try and explain himself of why he was trying to institute a fee system for peaceful protests. Cops are being overworked, kinda ironic because in a way they asked for it when they pulled the lever for Trump last November, but that’s not the point (In New York, cops refer to Trump as President Overtime). Activists are asking that Johnny Law chill out at these protests. Cop union’s themselves are asking the feds to do their own jobs when it comes to immigration and local governments are asking for more funds for police protection when asshole comes to town.

Whatever we are doing, keep doing it. Now more than ever is the perfect time to hit the streets and teach the next generation how to engage in peaceful assemblies protected by the First Amendment. Keep introducing laws, we will keep them from passing and if they pass, we will break them. Remember, Dr. King taught us; “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

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