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Top Three Topics this Memorial Day Weekend

In honor of fallen servicemen, these conversations pay homage to their sacrifice

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May 24, 2019

Calling all Patriots! Memorial Day is here. On Monday we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, to protect our freedoms. From the revolutionaries in 1776 to those who died on foreign soils, we remember them on Monday.

As we meet up with friends and family this weekend here are the top 3 things to talk about to direct a fruitful conversation on the direction our nation is heading in.

Trumpers, commies, rich, poor, fat, thin, black, white, educated or flat-out stubborn and stupid; your family barbeque is in a way a case study, a pool that can be used to test political debate. Give these topics a try:

Job Growth: Are we moving in the right direction when it comes to the jobs that we are creating in this country? Sure, unemployment is at near record lows, but much of the job growth has come in industries like fast food, retail, and service industry where wages are significantly lower than the manufacturing, construction, technical and professional jobs that they are replacing. Trump is gloating on job growth, but remember the recent headlines from Ford, GM, and AT&T. Good jobs are going, and low-wage jobs are flooding the market.

An immigrant child cries at the border.

Law and Order: Has the White House delivered on their promises to our law enforcement officers and the military? Trump ran as a tough on crime candidate who was going to “rebuild” the military. Over the last three years, Trump has consistently claimed that Law enforcement officials spied on his campaign. He even went so far as to claim that they were guilty of treason. Trump has also promised to withhold federal funding from cities and localities that are “sanctuary cities” and even though a court blocked these moves, over 1,000 localities which keep the lights on at police stations were left waiting for funding. The funding, which was supposed to come in September 2018, was still missing as of April 2019. Tens of millions of these dollars are used in a number of crime prevention programs that have been integral to helping prevent recidivism and reducing crime. Toting with emotions, Trump repeatedly instructs police officers to rough up people in custody and threatens invading hordes of peaceful immigrants.  These statements often undermine the great work that law enforcement officials are doing to reduce crime.

A small pay raise was gifted to military servicemembers in 2017 and 2018. Republicans, who controlled the hose for 8 years, claim it was the first one in ten years. This is a lie since soldiers and sailors have received a pay raise every year since 1983. The recent raises were the largest in the past 9 years. However, Trump has proposed a $33 Billion cut for the Fiscal year 2020. While he is in the process of increasing the size of the military, including adding more fighter jets and ships, he has not yet reached the size he promised during the campaign. Trump has also started to privatize VA services, a policy that is not popular with many veterans. Constant threats of war and destabilization in the Middle East make military Mom’s nervous. Off to the side, ask her how she is holding up with a madman in the White House who has her child’s life in his hands.

Wages & Benefits: Thanks to the blue wins in the 2018 election, organized labor finally have friends in the state houses. These gains have led to many pro-worker bills being passed in statehouses across the country. After decades of red state’s beating up on collective bargaining, these important gains spell a positive future for unions. FiveThirtyEight has even said that union voters will be the most important voters for the 2020 primary and general election.

So, when you are talking to your friends who voted for Trump, bring up these topics, but here is some advice from a union leader in law enforcement: Don’t bother trying to convert them. Move on to the new voter, the Parkland voters. Concentrate on “reasonable and rationale” people, who may only watch Fox during football season. Concentrate on women, when their conservative husbands are passed out drunk. I know the above anecdotes sound funny, but I think you may be getting our point.

Don’t write off the Trumper this Memorial Day weekend, hear them out so that in the future you can learn how to use their words to prevent other good folks like them from multiplying. Have a Happy Memorial Day.


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