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Trump Attacks Labor on Labor Day

AFL-CIO President addresses nation on Fox News Sunday

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Sep 03, 2019

On Sunday, AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka did his annual Labor Day media tour. One of the shows that Trumka went on was Fox News Sunday, where one of the viewers was Trump and just like last year, Trump couldn’t hold back.

On Labor Day, Trump sent out the following tweet:

While on Fox, Trumka spoke about Trump’s proposed trade deal, which is known as the USMCA. "An unenforceable trade agreement is a windfall for corporations and a disaster for workers,” Trumka said. These comments seemed to have been what angered Trump.

While Trumka has praised Trump for his work on ending NAFTA, the AFL-CIO has been a strong voice of opposition to Trump. The AFL-CIO has opposed numerous moves that Trump made to weaken unions and stack the deck in favor of bosses and big business.

In response to Trump’s attacks on the AFL-CIO and union dues, the federation responded saying "We've been clear on what working people want, in private and in public. It's our job to tell the president what he needs to hear—not what he wants to hear."

This wasn’t the first time that Trump has attacked the elected union leader on Labor Day. Just last year, after Trumka did an interview on Fox News Sunday, Trump tweeted:

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