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Trump: Not the first unfit President

Harding killed Unionists, Grant banned Jews and Jackson Murdered 4,000 Indians, what did Trump do?

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Aug 04, 2020

He is the Presidential-Elect with no filter. The type of man who is compelled to reveal all of the thoughts that pop into his head, usually through a string of upset tweets like a teenage girl who just broke up with her boyfriend of four months. He has started wars with everyone from Megyn Kelly, the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, to the cast of Saturday Night Live. While Trump is a loudmouth, bigot, he is not the first President who has called for rounding up one group of people, who was ornery, who was hated by the establishment or who put his buddies in positions of authority, whether they were qualified or not.

Warren G. Harding was an interesting character. His presidency can be best summed up using his own words, “I am not fit for this office and should never have been here.” He often spent his days on the golf course and his nights at the poker table, even reportedly gambling away precious White House china. Much like Trump, Harding was a womanizing fool who went after whomever and what he wanted. He even went so far as to carry on a 14-year love affair with his German mistress.  On the topic of immigration, Harding supported restrictions that barred Italians and eastern European Jews. He swung widely on some big issues, taking strong moral standpoints during his campaign, only to abandon them later on. Harding's speeches were so vague that it was usually impossible to tell where he stood on issues. Thanks to Harding’s strong pro-business policies, he faced numerous strikes throughout his term in office. During the Great Railroad Strike of 1922, the National Guard and private security sought to break the strike by firing on the striking workers as well as the women and children that were supporting them.  In total, 9 people have killed thanks to the aggressive actions of the National Guard.  While in office Harding appointed numerous friends and business associates to key positions in the administration, which led to numerous scandals

Pictured above is a scene from the Railroad strike.

Another person who had some issues was Ulysses S. Grant. As a Major-General in the Union Army, Grant ordered the now infamous General Order No. 11, issuing the expulsion of all Jews in the military district under his authority. Jewish groups protested it, Grant’s own staff in the military objected, Congress vilified it, and the press had a field day at Grant’s expense. Fast-forward 150 years to our current predicament where Trump has created a campaign on the notion of deporting illegal immigrants. He even goes so far as to debate whether a database should be created to track Americans of the Muslim faith. The horrified response from the press, political establishment, and many public interest groups, is certainly comparable to its predecessor.

Of course, there’s Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson. He was an extremely controversial man who was quick-tempered, showy, and self-publicizing. Although he had a great amount of personal wealth, he was the champion of “the little man”, like ordinary farmers, against the established political elite of the east coast. Jackson shocked the country when he came to power in 1828. Jackson was such a populist that at his inauguration so many people showed up to drink that the White House was severely damaged. Jackson also didn’t believe that he was bound by the constitution, by refusing to follow an order by the Supreme Court to push Cherokee Indians off their lands.  Jackson instead made a “deal” with a member of the Cherokee Nation, not seen as the actual leader, and then sent the military in to remove the Native Americans.  The removal, known as the Trail of Tears, led to the deaths of 4,000 Cherokee. Odd, no? Like Trump, he had won the most votes in the electoral college, but the elites saw him as a vulgar outsider and often denounced him as being obnoxious.

Now here we are 150 years later, and we have experienced the leadership, or lack thereof, of charlatan Donald Trump. Let us ignore the devastation that is still unfolding; the 160,000 plus innocent lives lost from a virus that other nations handled with ease. Donald Trump will Go down in history as one of the biggest mistake’s democracy has ever allowed. Since elected, half of the U.S. population lost their jobs, countless environmental, labor and consumer regulations were rescinded and a country that was once seen as a leader in the global good is now viewed as lacking. The United States is mocked and pitied, when we were once feared by evil dictators and admired by struggling peoples looking for a better way. Agencies like the FBI, CIA, OSHA, the NLRB and the US DOL have been deemed almost useless under Trump and unionization has seen attacks at pre-1930’s levels. Before trying to eliminate pensions for all public sector workers (including cops who irrationally support him), he appointed judges on the US Supreme Court whose life mission is to eliminate collective bargaining. Within a year of taking office, Trump made all public workplaces open shop and Right to Work. It will take decades to evaluate its detrimental impacts. Under Trump, federal mercenaries have been sent to violently squash peaceful protests and a tired electorate is unsure of what is true or not under an unregulated internet news system.

America has been around for 240 years. It has seen the rise of both great and terrible presidents. Whatever happens, or happened, over the next four years, our beaten and battered nation should survive it again.  There has been blood and he has been a great American embarrassment following the legacy of Jackson, Grant and Harding. 

Pictured above is one of Trump's federal mercenaries attacking an unarmed woman in Portland, protesting for Black Lives Matter.

The story was originally written by Katie Hogan back in December of 2016. With Trump's first term coming to an end, we wanted to look back and see where Trump would rank. What do you think? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. -Kris LaGrange


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