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Trump Supports National Right to Work Bill

In a letter to supporters, Senator Rand Paul says that Trump has personally assured him he will sign a national Right to Work bill

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Jun 19, 2018

The National Right to Work Committee has been working for years to get the President to sign a National Right to Work law. This would make it illegal for a private or public-sector union to charge agency fees, which are fees that are charged to employees who work under a union contract but are not members of the union. While this bill has always had fringe support from Senators like Kentucky’s Rand Paul, President’s usually have stayed away from supporting it. However, a new mailer sent out by Paul and the National Right to Work Committee is telling their supporters that Trump has personally promised to sign the bill if it comes across his desk.

The three-page mailer that was sent to the committee’s supporters included a lengthy letter from Senator Paul, along with petitions to send to their local representative and a fundraising ask. The letter, states that they believe this is the best time to pass the National Right to Work Act since Trump has personally pledged to support its passage.

They go on to make a series of unfounded accusations about unions. Some of these including alleging that members money goes to pay for “violent organizing drives,” provides a limousine lifestyle for union bigwigs, finances radical causes, and has sent millions of jobs overseas.

I know Paul likes to smoke marijuana every once in a while, but he might want to check what’s in his pipe. While corporate executives, who Paul and Trump just gave massive tax cuts to, arrive to work in limos after they sent American jobs overseas, union leaders and members continue to fight every day against bad trade policies that exploit overseas workers. Plus, we here at UCOMM still haven’t seen a union leader show up to a rally in a limo. If you have, let us know by sending us a picture on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

The letter also asks for a donation to help them ramp up their effort to get the bill passed. This includes running tv, radio and newspaper ads in swing districts and they pledge to contact up to 10 million people by email and traditional mail to encourage them to urge their representatives to vote for this piece of legislation. The committee and Paul also want to create paid phone banks to generate calls in the days leading up to a vote.

If history is any guide, a national Right to Work law will be a disaster for working men and women. Wages are lower and workplace accidents and deaths are higher in Right to Work states. Of course, this is what Paul, Trump and their tea party backers want, a world where employees have no voice and businessmen like Trump can take advantage of them the way he did in Atlantic City. For that 40 % of union members that voted for Trump, are you happy now?

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Click here to contact Senator Rand Paul and let him know that you are opposed to a National Right to Work Law.

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