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UCOMM, Forward

Trump Takes Donation from Aryan Nation Leader

A number of questionable donations have been given to Trump, including by Neo-Nazis

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Sep 02, 2020

Trump has had a lot of suspect donors over the course of his political career. UCOMM previously reported that one of the biggest fast-food franchise companies in the United States had donated over $400,000 to Trump. Now a report has come out that Trump has been receiving donations from hate leaders.

According to Popular Information, Trump has received 29 donations since 2017 from Morris Gulett, the leader of the Louisiana chapter of Aryan Nations. The donations equaled $2,000. Aryan Nations is an anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi group that has been described by the RAND Corporation as the nation’s first truly nationwide terrorist network. The campaign was made aware of the donations in 2018, but have refused to return them, instead accepting more. Gulett has a long criminal history with charges including shoplifting, aggravated assault, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, homicide, felonious assault, possession of drugs and receiving stolen property. He also went to prison in 1997 for ramming a police vehicle in Dayton, Ohio. At one time Gulett was considered the heir apparent to take over Aryan Nations when their founder Richard G. Butler stepped down. However, Gulett was cast aside as Butler died in 2004 and Gulett was in jail, leading to a three way power struggle that split the group.

Trump has also received questionable donations from Peter Zieve, a Washington State businessman. He sued the state over allegations that he discriminated against nonwhite employees, handed out a "procreation bonus" to his nearly all-white staff, and called immigrants from developing countries "repulsive." Zieve has donated $5,600 to the campaign. Other donors include Timothy Mellon and K. C. McAlpin. Mellon, a businessman who said social programs made Black people "unwilling to pitch in to improve their own situations," donated to a Trump super PAC, while McAlpin, an associate of John Tanton, who has founded several anti-immigrant groups, donated $1,600 to the campaign. 

Each of these donations is further proof that those on the far-right approve of what Trump is doing. These donations are clear indicators that Trump is not the candidate of the people, but rather the candidate of Aryan Nation and the Proud Boys.


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