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Trump Tax Scam Backfires on His Middle Class Supporters

Trump supporters are taking to Twitter to complain about huge tax increases under Trump's new plan

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Feb 05, 2019

With tax season nearly upon us, some people have gotten ahead of the game and started preparing their returns. With the new tax law, many middle-class families are finding out that Trump's tax scam has resulted in them owing thousands of dollars. For Trump supporters, this is an especially hard pill to swallow as you will see below.

@senSchumer well you were right about taxes going up. I am a Republican and I was wrong big time. If it doesn’t change I am not voting for him. All my buddies are really mad they voted for him now.

@amusdrslr: We’re paying $5,000 more in taxes for 2018. Imagine our surprise! We voted for you, we have advocated for you, I have lost life long friends in support of you. I am truly disappointed. Not only have our taxes increased, but you’ve done nothing to fix our healthcare.

Replying to @realdonaldtrump: I voted for you the first time but after you screwed me on my tax break I won’t vote for you again especially after I started on my 2018 return it’s a joke the taxes you are keeping from a working person good luck in 2020.

Yankees Hound: Just got my tax return completed for 1st time under new tax law. I’m officially paying more in taxes so rich people can pay less. You’re almost done wiping out the middle class. @realdonaldtrump and @gop this one is on you. I’d vote for Hillary before I voted for you again.

@realdonaldtrump just did my taxes and thanks for increasing mine!! No change in income and got back $400 less than last year. That campaign promise was one of the only two reasons I voted for you. Rethinking that decision now.

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