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Trump Will Sign National Right to Work Law

A National Right to Work Committee ad in Alabama says a second Trump term will mean the end of unions

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Oct 30, 2020

Could Right to Work become a national law? That is the promise that is being made by the National Right to Work (RTW) Committee in a series of print ads running in Alabama.

The ads are in support of Republican Tommy Tuberville who is challenging Democratic Senator Doug Jones. The race is a likely pickup for Republicans as many pundits believe that Jones will not be able to hold onto the seat.

In the ad, which ran in the Courier-Journal, the RTW Committee compares the two candidates. They point out that Jones has voted to kill a Right to Work amendment in the Senate and “refuses to pledge opposition to forced unionism.” In contrast, they write that “Donald Trump has pledged to sign, and Tommy Tuberville has pledged to cosponsor, the National Right to Work Act, which would remove from federal labor law the authorization for forced union dues.”

This is not the first time that Trump’s support for a national Right to Work law has been uncovered. UCOMM previously reported that Senator Rand Paul sent out a fundraising letter in 2018 announcing Trump’s support for the bill.

Trump has also said on camera that he supports right to work. You can even see him say it in the video below.



If Republicans were to hold onto the White House and Senate and win back Congress, it is almost a guarantee that a National Right to Work law would be passed. Trump has already brought Right to Work to the private sector through his appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, who was the deciding vote in the Janus decision.  

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