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Trumpers Beat A Cop to Death

Officer bludgeoned by rioters with fire extinguishers, 50 cops injured defending Capitol

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Jan 08, 2021

A Capitol police officer has now died from injuries sustained at the hands of Trump supporters who invaded the US Capitol on Wednesday. The officer, Brian Sicknick, was bludgeoned to death by rioters who hit him with fire extinguishers.

Sicknick was 42 years old and had been a Capitol police officer since 2008. He was a veteran, having served in Saudi Arabia in 1999 in support of Operation Southern Watch and in Operation Enduring Freedom before he was honorably discharged in 2003. He was a member of the Air National Guard.

According to the Associated Press, Sicknick was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher while attempting to defend the Capitol. He staggered to his division office before collapsing and being rushed to a local hospital. He passed away at around 9:30 PM on Thursday.

While at least 55 people have been arrested for crimes involving the attack on the US Capitol, no one is currently in custody for the murder of Officer Sicknick. The FBI is asking for anyone with information into the murder to please contact them through this link.

Prosecutors in the US Attorney’s office say that they have opened a federal murder investigation into the killing of Officer Sicknick and his death is being investigated by the DC Metropolitan Police Department's homicide branch, the US Capitol Police, and their federal partners.

Sicknick is the fifth person to die from the attack. More than 50 officers were injured in the attack and several have been hospitalized with serious injuries. Throughout the violence against police, Blue Lives Matter flags could be seen in the background.

In a joint statement Democrats Tim Ryan and Rosa DeLauro, who run the committee who is responsible for overseeing the Capitol Police, said “This tragic loss should remind all of us of the bravery of the law enforcement officers who protected us, our colleagues, Congressional staff, the press corps, and other essential workers yesterday. To honor Officer Sicknick‘s memory, we must ensure that the mob who attacked the People’s House and those who instigated them are held fully accountable.”

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