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Trump's Support Among Union Members Plummets

After 2 years of attacks on organized labor, his approval rating has dropped 15 points among union households

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May 08, 2018

For the past year and a half readers of UCOMM have heard all of the ways that Trump has been attacking working people. From placing the deciding vote on the Supreme Court that will decide in favor of Janus making Right to Work a national law, to the Trump Coal Con, to his attacks on federal workers and the heartless deportation of harmless immigrants that has ripped families apart; the last 17 months have shown that Trump is no friend to working men and women.

Just a year ago, Reuters polled union members and found an astonishing 62% of them stupidly supported Trump. This was a huge increase from the 42% that voted for him just a few months earlier. However, as he has failed to deliver on any of his promises. He failed to create 1 infrastructure job and he hasn't stopped the outsourcing of jobs to Asia and Central America. Instead, Trump childishly fought with union leaders and his white union male MAGA support has evaporated.

The Reuters poll, which was released Friday, shows Trump's approval rating down 15 points since March of 2017 to just 47%. The poll also found that most of the union support that Trump has comes from members in red states with low union density.

The dip in support also comes as Trump has once again set his eyes on federal workers. Recently, Office of Personnel Management Director Jeff Pon proposed cutting $143.5 billion in wages and benefits for current and retired workers. He also proposed that these cuts be included not in the normal budget, but in a Defense Authorization bill. Prevailing wage attacks in Red States havent helped Trump's numbers either. 

Are union members finally starting to see through the long Trump Con? Or, are the polls lieing to us, just like they did in November 2016. We can't fix stupid folks, we can only write about it for now. 


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